Use of Toothpick after Eating – Good for Teeth or Not?

You might have heard a lot that using a toothpick after eating isn’t healthy and can damage your gums in the worst manner. Yes, pricking toothpicks in your gums can indeed harm your gums. Since the ending of the toothpick is sharp, it can hurt the gums and even space up your teeth.

Dental professionals do not suggest using a toothpick if you have better options handy. Perhaps, with no other option available on the spot, you can consider using a toothpick but very gently and carefully. Although emergency dentists recommend using a toothpick depending on a few factors like the frequency of getting your food stuck in your teeth or the way you use it.

There are a few reasons that justify why dentists do not suggest using toothpicks.

  • Breakage: A toothpick is a stick of wood sharpened from one side. Now, think if it breaks in your teeth while cleaning them, it can cause a huge problem. So, doctors suggest not to use them in a hurry or furiously because that can even make your gums bleed.
  • Infection: The sharper edge of the toothpick can cause a minor wound in your gums while cleaning your teeth. A minor injury can also turn into a significant infection and harm your gums since toothpicks are not immune to the outer germs and can attract infectious bacteria that can be harmful when used.

If you have realized that using a toothpick has caused any gum problem recently, make sure you visit the nearest emergency dental service and get a proper check-up.

There are a few alternatives for toothpicks that dental professionals suggest. Starting to floss your teeth can get you out of the situation and have significant dental benefits. Keeping a proper dental care routine can keep you from attracting any infections. It can be a substantial relief for people going out quite often.

Even if they use a toothpick in an emergency, following a proper dental care routine can sterilize any prompted infection. Also, going for regular dental check-ups with your 24 Hour Dentist can help you take appropriate action in case of any dental issue. Keep the contact information of your nearest Emergency Dental Care handy that can help you take a proactive step in time of need. Please look around and find suitable urgent dental care clinics and consider them for your help.

Published by Emergency Dental Service

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