Can Braces Wires Create Risk for Your Teeth?

A small wire called an archwire goes through brackets fastened to your teeth if you have braces. Metal bands that have been fitted around your back teeth may be used to connect the wire’s ends (molars). An Emergency Dentist adjusts the archwire to exert force regularly, pushing or pulling your teeth and jaw into the desired position over time. It’s conceivable that your archwire will break or pop out of place, regardless of which of the three primary materials it’s made of. It can result in a range of issues.

The dangers and consequences of a broken archwire

A snagged wire can cause several problems. These are some of them:

  • Pain and discomfort might result from a broken archwire poking into the inside of your lips or face.
  • Cuts and bleeding on the inside of your mouth are probable consequences of a broken wire.
  • Sores: A damaged or popped out of position wire might irritate your mouth’s tissues. Mouth sores may develop as a result of this.
  • Infection: A wound or sore caused by a broken wire might become bacterially infected. Symptoms include fever, increased redness or swelling, growing discomfort or tenderness in the afflicted region, and pus seeping from the cut or sore.

What should you do if your braces break?

Contact your Emergency Dental Service if your wire has broken. It is significant for two reasons: first, because your wire is what delivers the force that works to realign your teeth and jaw, a break might have a detrimental influence on your treatment, and second because a damaged archwire can cause pain, wounds, and blisters, among other things.

Should you remove the wire from your braces at home?

If your archwire breaks, you should see a 24 Hour Dentist have the damaged wire removed and replaced with a new one. Your orthodontist will gently reposition any cables that have come out of place. Do not attempt to remove a damaged or displaced wire on your own. It may not only influence your therapy, but it may also result in damage.


It’s conceivable that you’ll break your archwire if you’re wearing braces. A snagged wire can pierce the interior of your lips or face, causing discomfort, wounds, and blisters. If your archwire breaks, contact your orthodontist right away, and they can get a new wire to replace the broken one.

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